Neumann, AKG, Beyer, Audio Technica, Shure Brothers, EV, Altec, Blue, Marshall/Royer...




Yamaha NS-10's powered by JBL 6260

Event 20/20 BAS (Bi-Amplified Speakers)

AKG K-240M and Sony 7506 Headphones



Additional equipment includes products by:

Mackie, Sytek, Millennia Media, Ampex, Peavey, Rane, Lexicon, Yamaha, Roland, FMR Audio, DBX, ART, Orban, Tech 21, DOD, Tascam, Event Electronics, Altec, Revox, Otari, Alesis, Speck Electronics, Aphex, Sonic Foundery and  Adobe/Syntrillium Software, Sony, Old School Audio, Fender, Gibson, and Marshall...


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