Project Studio Recording / Mixing / Pre Mastering

We can help track your new song, or mix a project that was recorded some place else or by someone else.  With so many portable recording devices available, we offer a chance to monitor and mix in an environment outside your bedroom or garage.  We can offer a fresh pair of ears and a new perspective.  We love all types of music but specialize in acoustic, folk, blues, rock, and alt. country to name a few.


(Live) Remote Recording

Using your gear or ours we can offer a nice microphone collection and outboard microphone preamps to help record you in your element. 


Live Sound Engineering

We have many years experience mixing live sound in the area clubs.  Caution: we use high quality custom fit ear plugs to help prevent hearing loss as well as preserve the ears for future projects.  Don't take the ear plugs as a personal statement.


Individualized Training of Audio Applications

Having trouble understanding your P.A. or getting the sounds you want with your recording equipment?  We do offer hands on assistance to help you get the most out of your equipment investments.  It is a tutoring / mentoring approach that we feel will help you better understand the tasks at hand.